Let’s get to know the father of Iran’s concrete industry more.

Interview with engineer Hossein Foroutan Mehr, the father of the Iranian concrete industry, in the Payesh program on Channel 1.

Engineer Hossein Foroutan Mehr, the father of the Iranian concrete industry, in the program Chocolate Talkh on Channel 5.

More about the father of the Iranian Concrete Industry
Engineer Hossein Foroutan Mehr, the founder of Fahab Beton Company, has dedicated five decades to the concrete industry with the goal of enhancing the quality of concrete production in the country. His efforts have led to significant advancements in this vital and key industry, raising the quality of the country’s construction structures day by day. At the inception of Engineer Foroutan Mehr’s activities, the concrete strength produced within the country was limited to 200, but through his innovative efforts and progress in the ready-mixed concrete industry, this strength has now reached 800. Some of Engineer Foroutan Mehr’s most notable initiatives include:

  • Establishing the Iranian Concrete Trade Association
  • Implementing changes in concrete gradations and increasing concrete strength
  • Authoring and translating several important books in the field of ready-mixed concrete
  • Introducing the production of Self-Compacting Concrete (SCC) for the first time in Iran, successfully producing this type of concrete domestically. This particular concrete requires specialized knowledge for production, and it boasts a lifespan of 1000 years, making structures built with it the highest quality concrete structures.