About Us

Fahab Beton Company, utilizing state-of-the-art and modern concrete industry equipment, stands as one of the strongest producers of ready-mixed concrete and precast concrete components in the country. Given the extensive experience of Fahab Beton, many of Tehran’s key projects, such as Atieh Hospital, Shariati Hospital, Imam Khomeini Hospital, several crucial metro stations in Tehran, Mehrabad Airport in Tehran, and various other significant projects, have been concretized by this company. Additionally, Fahab Beton is one of the few concrete companies in the country that provides services and concrete pouring on a 24/7 basis.

CEO’s speech

Ensuring the quality of products, providing satisfactory services, environmental stewardship, and honoring customers are emblematic of Fahab Beton manufacturing unit’s commitment to consumers and clients. Fahab Company laid the foundations of its operations with considerable effort prior to the revolution (around 1975) and, through meticulous planning, equipment and machinery modernization, as well as unwavering loyalty to customer requests, has managed to consolidate its position. Today, it stands as a reputable name among producers and consumers. Having quality system certifications such as ISO9001 and ISO 14001 affirms the adherence to quality principles and standards. In this regard, the formulation and execution of all quality assurance procedures, engineering operations plans, and continuous quality control measures during production and project delivery times are meticulously and closely monitored in order to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of operations performed by production factors (dedicated human resources and advanced equipment). Additionally, the establishment of integrated and sustainable project management systems, wherein all standards related to production, scheduling, and the life cycle of products are observed and implemented, ensures that the greatest asset, customer satisfaction and loyalty, is never overlooked. In conclusion, with the phrase “not everything is about quality, but anything without quality and standards is nothing”, I entrust everything to the Almighty and remain eagerly awaiting the opportunity to meet all of you.